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Throughout the last 12 months we have seen some amazing builds in Avatar Connection. We have always wanted a world that is creative and shares that creativity. With this in mind we thought we would do a themed contest with a bit of a difference. The difference is we don’t want you to create a PRIM!!!

OK this may sound a bit crazy, but let me explain…

For those that have done any shopping in Avatar Connection you will have seen that Freeland is a Linda Kellie OAR (with a few extra bits). Those who don’t know about Linda Kellie please check out her website. She is a lady (well avatar hehe) who has been kind enough to offer much of her creative content to the Opensim community with no rules... a very generous lady.

Linda Kellie’s content is great and we would like to see what you little creative bunnies can do with it. The idea of this theme is you can ONLY use Linda Kellies’ creations. This means all textures, sculpties, animations etc needs to be Linda Kellies. Saying that we want you to let your creative spirit free, so we encourage you to modify Linda’s content… that can mean unlinking builds and using parts in different builds or taking the textures and personalise in a graphics program like Paintshop or Gimp. You may add your own prims with Linda’s (modified and unmodified) textures on, but anything you add to your build has to be given in the same way as Linda gives her content…. Licence free, anyone can use with no rules. The reason for this is we will be asking you after the contest to give these builds to the Virtual world community by allow them to be place on the website’s download page for anyone to use with no rule… just like Linda J

We had thought about making this contest a quick one before starting a Halloween Contest, but then we thought… what the hell lets make this the Halloween Contest. We could of done something simple for Halloween, but where’s the fun in that. So to add a twist to this contest it will be our Halloween contest…. Create a haunted house with Linda Kellie content.

The rules…

Your Haunted House and everything in it has to be built from Linda Kellie content modify or unmodified

1000 prims max

Has to be housed within your Plot on Contest Island (if you don’t have a plot pop along to Contest Island and grab yourself one)

Where to Pick up Linda Kellie’s content…

Inworld you can pick up Linda’s content on Freeland

On the web please visit Linda’s website

Additional notes about the Contest....

To help people get started, we have placed some bits in the center of Contest Island, just right click them and take copy. Talking of things on Contest Island, for anyone who has not played before there are boards to click that explains how to claim your own building plot free of charge for the contest. In short pick a plot and IM Kuu Cheng or Tweedle Dum with the number of the Plot ;-). Once you are the owner of the plot (Kuu or Dum will transfer it in to your name) you will be free to build and terraform the land as you want.

Good Luck to everyone :-)




It’s started after years of waiting Friday’s night opening show welcomed the start of the Olympics. So much is going on and so many metals being won, not one person could see everything.

Here at Avatar Connection we would like to celebrate the Olympics with a themed build on Contest Island. The theme is the OLYMPICS (of course hehe), we want to see what your favourite part of the Olympics is. That could be a build to represent your favourite sport, moment, event or just what you love about the Olympics. For each build you have an allowance of 1000 prim and 20 of scripts. 

How to take part.

Log in world and Teleport to Contest Island. Once there you will see a number of plots, in the middle of these plots you will see a box with an Olympic image on them. Click these boxes for a notecard which explains how to claim that plot. Once you have claimed you plot  on Contest Island, you can start building your Olympic dream. (for those that have taken part in earlier themed builds on Contest Island the top 10 retain their building plot)

Closing date for the build.

There is no hurry to pick your favourite bit about the Olympic, this themed build will be open until the end of the Paralympics and we will enjoy all the builds at a party on Contest Island on the 8th of September. So take your time to create your Olympic build, but make sure you grab your plot ;-)

Good Luck!!!

It’s a Diamond!

In the UK this year we have some historical events, one of them being the Queens jubilee and it’s a Diamond one. Yep that’s right the UK has had the same Queen for 60 years and here at Avatar Connection we think we should mark this on Contest Island. Hence the theme for the next building fun.

The idea is you grab a plot on Contest Island and build something for a good old fashion street party, with the theme being the Diamond Jubilee. (in short anything British and Queenie goes ;-) ) 

On Saturday the 2nd of June we will have one big street party on Contest Island where we can all enjoy the builds you have created. We will take it in turn to visit each street (plot) and later on in the Jubilee weekend a voting sheet will be put up on the website for you to say which party/street you enjoyed the most. The winner of the vote will be Named Queen (or King) of Avatar Connection on their in world profile for the reign of Queen Elizabeth II.  Please note very much like Queen Elizabeth II this is Queen in name only and does not give you any extra powers within the grid ;-)

If you would like to Know more about the Jubilee celebrations in the UK please have a look here and here

How to enter the "it's a Diamond" building contest :-

Log in to Avatar Connection's virtual world and TP to Contest Island (you can search for Contest Island through the map search)

Grab a notecard from the signs at the center of Contest Island to check out the rules for the contest.

Go and pick your free plot on Contest Island (please IM Kuu Cheng or Tweedle Dum the plot number so they can transfer it into your name for the contest)

Then get BUILDING ready to party on the 2nd of June.

Good luck to all.



Today we will be taking down Contest Island for a re-working in prep for our next building contest. So we thought we would take a last look at the amazing Easter Builds on there and the fun of Easter.

Below is a short video of all the builds on Contest Island over Easter….

Over Easter not only did we have the Bunny building on Contest Island, but we also had the region hop…. I hear many enjoyed jumping from region to region and came across new regions and made some new friends by hopping J While hopping around I know many of you found the Easter eggs hidden around and there were 3 lucky winners of the Land prizes. So congrats to Tmac, Anan and Boo.

Congrats also go out to Sansa and Anan for getting their profiles featured for Easter as they posted their Easter look as their profile picks….. great looks


We would also like to say thanks to all who decorated their regions everyone’s looked great. Our three newest regions owners really went to town for Easter, fab work Cotton, Sueanne and Suzy.

Big Hugs to all.




Here is a video of the best builds from the Valentine’s Island…. Read more...

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